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STOCK DIESEL - Tune and exhaust ONLY(no upgraded turbos, will pull chargers).

SEMI STOCK DIESEL  |  1. Stock appearing turbo.  2. Tag & Insured.  3. DOT tires.

MODIFIED DIESEL  |  Run what you brung. Helmets required.  Fire suits highly recommended.

STOCK GAS  |  Exhaust and intake only.  No power adders.  Must drive to the event. 1/2 trucks only.

SEMI STOCK GAS  |  1. No power adders.  2. Factory frame.  3. DOT tires.  4. One ton axles or less.  5. Must be 4x4.  6. Up to 3 bolt-ons (bolt-on examples: headers, carburetor, intake).  7. Track officials call.

MODIFIED GAS  |  1. Must be a factory style truck frame.  2. DOT tires.  3. Run what you brung.  Helmets required.  Fire suits recommended. 

OPEN  |  Run what you brung.  Intended for promos and anyone that can stand next to them!

SXS  |  Run what you brung.

ATV/DIRT BIKE  |  Run what you brung.